Monthly Archives: December 2014

merry christmas

I just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas! Thank you for your love and support! Hope you all will find love and happiness in your life… because at the end of a day it’s all that really matters :) …and Pucilla says ‘hi!’ ;)

messy b&w outfit

I often look like I’ve just got out of bed, put some random clothes on and went out… and it’s usually because that’s exactly what had happened! Yeah, no biggie. Who has the energy to dress up every single day anyway? So when it’s that kind of day then just choose wisely – blacks and…
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happy b’day to me

Well, today is my birthday… so I’ve decided to add some extra photos… and then I’ve got all confused and I didn’t know what I was doing. I got carried away with¬†editing that photo and I guess you’ll never know if I am drunk already or just got no sense of style ;) See ya!

color spark

These photos were supposed to be all calm and steady…but then I’ve decided that I need more color in my life. Yup. And the World refuses to give it to me this time of the year and Christmas presents ruined my budget, therefor I have no money for new clothes and stuff, so at least…
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promise i’ll be alright

There’s nothing in this World that I need more these days. Just a few simple words… and I wanna be able to trust again. Promise I’ll be… promise we’ll be alright. (zara top, h&m necklace, denimbox printed jeans, sequin boots and jacket from second-hand shop) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

smoothie recipe: winter smoothie

I don’t know how about you guys, but I could just lay in bed doing nothing but eating ice cream all day when it’s so cold outside and days are so short. I know it’s maybe not that good for my body, but it’s just so damn good for my state of mind :D …but…
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show on the road

Usually ‘more’ is ‘more’ to me and there’s no other way I can see it. I’ve noticed that the catch slogan ‘less is more’ is repeated¬†by lazy people with a lack of creativity… and I guess I’m turning into one… by simply understanding the phrase and getting the show on the road. You live and…
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a lifetime ago

Please don’t follow my lead and put some coat on! It’s freakin’ FREEZZZZZING outside! And no, I’m not putting myself out for the blog. These photos were taken a long time ago… when it was all warm and sunny… so long ago that I don’t even remember it. Seems like a lifetime passed by. (denimbox…
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ill at ease

Ok, so I’ve been wearing pants everyday since a month or so and I have to tell you, that I’m feeling a little bit ill at ease. I guess it’s just another (very important!) reason for me to move out of this country for good ;P I’m a girl who loves all kind of skirts…
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