Monthly Archives: March 2015

windy afternoon

I’ve got that love-hate relationship with the wind. It makes you sick and it literally just loves to fu** up your hair and stuff… but just take a second and look at those photos. That post wouldn’t be the same without the wind. It gives that magical and kinda soft vibe to it. I just…
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regged casual

In today’s post I just want to show you how these ‘little things’ matter. If you’re observant enough – you’ve probably noticed, that I have the exact same outfit on that I wore in my latest post. CLICK HERE to check it out ;) Crazy, right? Almost the same and totally different at the same…
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winterish boho

Bohemian style will be a huge trend during Spring 2015. You should totally try it! As you can see – I’ve already prepared myself for that occasion. Well, not intentionally, but still… I feel like I’ve been recently living in that beautiful necklace. I guess you’ve noticed that already ;) Hope you don’t mind! I…
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