Monthly Archives: April 2015

just so casual

Wearing loose clothes is maybe not that clever idea when you have curves… but you know what? I don’t care! Most days I’m really appreciative if it comes to my lady parts, but there are some days in a month (if you know what I mean ;p) when all that matters is to feel comfortable….
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grays and greens

I’m a huge fan of a gray and green combo. Whether it’s an interior design, nature or an outfit just like the one I’m wearing today. I’m in love with the way these colors complement one another. Making conflicting styles, prints or colors work together as a whole is the best part of my job….
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nude shoes

In yesterday’s post you could see my new, perfect for this season, nude shoes. I’ve chosen the ones with a white sole. It’s been just a really great compromise for me. Why? Well, I really loved one shoe Spring/Summer 2014 trend, which was the white massive boots… and I’m not prepared (or willing) to let…
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new in : spring essentials

What screams ‘Spring’ better than floral prints, nude shoes and fruits, right? ;P So, basically, it’s a little bit of a show-off kinda post. Hope you don’t mind. I just really needed someone to share my finds with… and my boyfriend wasn’t the one ;) What do you think?

marni platforms

I’ve got a confession to make. I can’t walk in those shoes. Yup, I just can’t. I mean, I was once wearing them at my Uni and I remember this day till now, because… it was kinda unforgettable ‘journey’. Some of you might remember them from some of my previous posts and you can feel…
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Gosh. Those white and blue stripes got me so dreamy. You know, that marine stuff and the upcoming Summer… Ahhh! I need a Sea in my life. Definitely. Actually I’m in the middle of planning a trip to Gdańsk next month, so I can promise you know – a little bit of fresh air will…
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print combo

I have literally nothing to say to you today, guys. I feel so uninspired. I think that’s ok, though. Maybe it’s because of the whole tub of ice cream that I’ve just finished eating. I feel like my brain is frozen or something. Or maybe I’m just boring like that. You’ll never know ;) I’m…
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on a rainy day

So today I’ve got an outfit for a rainy day prepared for you… and it would be really great if I actually wear it during those cloudy, wet, rainfall days… but I don’t. Yup. This post is just a big fat lie. The reason for that is – I try my best not to go out when it’s raining….
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cubic elegance

It’s been 5 days since I’ve added last outfit post on my blog and I feel kinda stressed out and maybe even sick. I’ve got a great excuse, of course – her name is Easter, but that doesn’t even make me feel a little less disturbed. I guess, creating new content is just my addiction….
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