Monthly Archives: August 2015

coffee in the morning

I’d really like to work at morning hours at some random artsy cafe. Waiting for my chocolate mocha to cool down while editing photos and catching up with my emails. Everything seems much more easier and fun when there is a nice cup of coffee supporting you every step of the way, right? Isn’t that…
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so casual

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when talking about casual style? Well, for me it’s definitely a pair of cool boyfriend jeans and some loose shirt. I hope we’re on the same page here, because that’s exactly what I wanted to show you on today’s post ;) Even though simple casual outfits aren’t…
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Is it just me or I look like a real badass in those photos?! Who would have thought that I’ve got that in me! Wow. I mean, I was there, but I didn’t expect the final effect to be… well… THAT! And how do you like me wearing those kind of outfits? Because I think…
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vintage summer look

(zara skirt, deezee boots, brylove sunglasses, bosewin necklace and shirt from second-hand store) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

boyfriend jeans

This is the first time you see me wearing boyfrien jeans. Yup. I know I am a little bit too old to have ‘my firsts’ still, but oh well… ;) I’ve never wanted to wear boyfriend jeans, because I thought my curves would make them look awful on me, but you know what? I don’t…
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jungle drum

This outfit is just a perfect fit for that scenery and those crazy temperatures here in Poland lately. I literally have no clue how we’ve survived the last couple of days. Oh, well… I think I do, though – air conditioning at work. Thank you Willis Carrier. You got yourself a standing ovation! (vintage yellow…
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back to black

It’s really hard for me to find some time to keep you posted… but I’ll try harder! I promise. I just have to say ‘goodbye’ to Summer before it even started (at least for me) and say ‘hello’ to my morning coffee (or 2) again. In this case wearing black in the middle of the…
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