Monthly Archives: December 2016

driving home for christmas

Driving home for Christmas is always so special to me. This exceptional time of the year I spend only with the closest family and sice a lot of them passed away – that makes a few of us. It’s sometimes kinda sad, but here in Poland we have a tradition of watching ‘Home Alone’ every…
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white jacket

White clothes are just so impractical… and so fine at the same time. I feel like everything in white looks dope, especially now, when minimalism is at its best and everybody seem to give it a try. I was just thinking… Maybe my ‘beautiful’ city, Lodz, will look dope too when covered in white during…
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shades of blue

Gosh, I feel chilly when looking at these pictures. This photo shoot was taken not that long ago, but you won’t probably believe me when you look outside your window… So many things have changed…. and finally: December. The month of emotional abuse and sentimental bullshit has begun. Ho, ho, ho! (top and jacket from…
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