Monthly Archives: May 2017

boyfriend’s t-shirt

Borrowing clothes is something that I hate, like literally HATE! But when it comes to my boyfriend’s stuff I’m kind of a thief. The hobby of mine started to get ridiculous from the moment we’ve moved in together, and now… I’m wandering wearing his clothes all of a sudden ;) (cropp t-shirt, zara jeans, top secret…
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warm tones

I can finally breathe. Do you know this feeling? When you’re trapped, but not exactly… There’s no way out. All you can do is just wait. And time is running so slowly when you’re watching the clock. But it’s over now! I’ve been waiting so long for Spring, my favorite season of all… and it’s finally…
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quite simple

The older I get the simplest my style turns out to be. I wonder, what’s the reason? Am I bored? Or maybe I just know myself better and I don’t have to experiment anymore? I have actually no idea. I’ll let you know the second I draw some conclusions. My life is going to be…
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