Monthly Archives: May 2019

grass is always greener

The best feeling in the World is when you’re starting to appreciate the things that you once took for granted. But… to do that, first – you gotta loose something. That’s terrible, I know, but in most cases – nesesery. That’s why I’m travelling almost every weekend now. Poland is such a freakin’ beauty, you…
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lucid dreaming

I constantly feel like I’m dreaming…I’m back at the same spot that I was 2 years ago, before I’ve moved to Dublin. Well, not exactly, because I’ve changed, places around me have changed, few friends have moved somewhere else and the bread doesn’t even taste the same… And yet sometimes it feels like I have…
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Hi, there! Ahh, it feels really good to be back.You might be wondering what the hell happened to me, well… long story short I moved to Ireland and I’ve invested my energy and free time in the things that I probably shouldn’t, but now I came back to Poland and… back to my old habits!…
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