2017 recap

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

And that’s pretty much all I could’ve ever say about the year of 2017. Without going much into details in 2017 I’ve: lost a job that I loved with my whole heart, then spent all my savings for working on myself and perfecting my photography and photoshop skills, just to then fuck it all and move abroad with my boyfriend to find happiness and ‘the true meaning of life’. Nooo, just kidding we’re only here for the money. Or not. I guess you’ll never know ;) But did I find happiness here yet? Well, there’s allegedly none of it growing on the trees in Ireland, but I’ve heard a rumor or two about Leprechauns and some pots of gold so I’ma need to try and find that then;)

I’m trying to keep it real with you, guys. It’s not easy living abroad. There’s a lot of stuff going on that people won’t tell you, because they are too proud or just simply ashamed… but I think that’s a story for another time. I mean, everything turned out well, don’t you worry. Me and my boyfriend have found our jobs and a flat just within a week from landing our feet on the beautiful Green Island. Gladly, we are (usually) surrounded by nice and helpful people and everything seems about right…but it’s just the little things that kill you inside, that you didn’t even know you had deep within you and it turned out that I’m more polish than I’d like to admit. I always loved to say that where I came from doesn’t necessarily need to define me….but hell it does!

And everything that happened before our big move in September? Well, I don’t really remember that much. Maybe it’s because there were so many emotions involved in moving to Dublin that my brain couldn’t handle more and erased the outdated memories, or i don’t know… I’m just getting old, you know. 2017 passed with a snap of a finger. So many things happened in 2017 and yet so little at the same time.

And what I wish for in 2018? Oh, I wish I just could be healthy… I don’t know what that is, but ever since I’ve moved to Dublin, which is almost 4 months ago, I’ve been sick 4 (!) times by now! I mean, COME ON! But if you follow my insta stories you already know about the struggle. The struggle is real! But Ireland – I won’t give up that easily you just need to handle me being here for a little more while ;)

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  1. Pilar

    Moving to a new country can be hard, believe me I’ve been there! But it gets better with time and you learn from it. It just takes some time to adapt and feel comfortable there.
    To Read with Tea

  2. Han

    Moja Igunka ♡♡♡ ciesze się ze mogę przechodzić z tobą wszystkie ups and downs! Wierze ze czas uczyni wszystko lepszym. Początki zawsze są trudne! :*

  3. Ailyn Koay

    your body will eventually get used to the climate and the bugs and you will fall sick less. Chin up and soldier on, we all do = d when we are in a new place. *international student, so i understand totally.*

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