top 10 instagram accounts that a city lover should follow

I know, I know – I always comment galleries that I’ve chosen for the rank to convince you guys to follow those amazing artists or just to explain why they are worth following, but this time it’s different. Why is that? Well, I’m speechless. I follow every single one instagram account of those in the rankingĀ from quite some time and all I’ve ever think is like ‘wow’ and… I’m just speechless. Know that feeling? I hope so, ’cause it’s so awesome!

1) 1st1st

2) logan_b_wrightlogan_b_wright

3) brightbazaarbrightbazaar

4) shahkashanishahkashani

5) itsfor_gothamitsfor_gotham

6) stevesweatpantsstevesweatpants

7) jonescrowjonescrow

8) vikkeviewvikkeview

9) lastsuspectlastsuspect

10) westvillagelifewestvillagelife

Click on the photos to check out those amazing instagram accounts!

More to come soon!

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