wake up!

‘Sleep is for for those who are broke’, so wake up!

I kinda needed a break, so I’ve been quite for a while (yup, like 2 days or so :D). I needed to process some things. To make up my mind. And now I’m back. With loads of energy and cool projects to come. Can’t wait to share all of it with you soon. Gosh, I haven’t been that excited since… well, nothing comes to mind. Yup, It’s gonna be huge. Like, for real!
I just wanted to stop, take a minute and say ‘thank you’. Even though you’re a little bit quiet – I know you’re here. And I’m grateful every singe day :)

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3photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    omg ostatnia focia jaka słodkość :D
    ‘Sleep is for for those who are broke’ to ja już wiem czemu tyle śpię ;o

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