once upon a time: fedora

Since it’s a Winter for quite some time now – I hope you’re wearing a hat, cap or whatever! Speaking of which  – I wanted to tell you a story about that special and most famous one – fedora hat!


It’s been over 150 years since the Borsalino factory had its opening. They can do everything, from bowler to the top hat, but anything can’t be compared to the fedora hat.
I guess, that you probably have seen these before. Clint Eastwood wore it, Marlene Dietrich wore it and even that psycho Alex DeLarge wore it! That has to mean something, right?

It all started when Giuseppe Borsalino was a little boy. His mother used to say something like ‘Giuseppe,you just have to be a hatter one day, because it you won’t – then, I guess, you won’t even remember you have a head attached to your body’. Well, I can’t really tell if she was a bitch and that bullying totally got into his head or she was just joking and Borsalino’s lack of humor and/or character made him live by these words. Either way – It’s good that some mothers don’t have the habit to shut their mouths up. It pushes people to do something meaningful… I guess.

Giuseppe started his career when he was 12. Yup, I know… His first work had its place in Camagna in Alessandria (Italy). He started as an errand-boy and then he got promoted to a trainee. After few years he felt like there was nothing more for him to learn there, so Borsalino decided to move to France, where the greatest hats were made every single day. He got a job at Berteil and in 1856 he came back to Italy with a certificate saying that Giuseppe is a professional hatter now. His mother had to be very proud ;)

You’re probably wondering where the fedora’s shape came from. Well, it’s an improved bowler hat. Rumor has it that Borsalino was inspired by rebellions. That’s why he made an indent at the top of that hat. And those indents on both sides were made so gentleman could easily take it off to say ‘hi’.

Hope you’ve enjoyed that story! More to come soon! :)

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