once upon a time: little black dress

Gabrielle Chanel. What a clever and good-hearted person that was… Imagine that – she couldn’t stand watching shitty-dressed women, so she figured that she had to solve that problem in some kind of way. Because she’s a doer! And basically that’s the main reason a little black dress has been invented in 1926. Rumor has it she has spent something about 1,5 hrs on the first drawing. Well done, Chanel. Revolutionary move in 1 hour and 30 minutes! I can’t even cook a passable dinner in that amount of time -.- but, well…

gabrielle chanel workingPurportedly, the inspiration behind the LBD was the death of her mentor and a great love – Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel, who died in a car accident in 1919 and left poor Gabrielle alone and in a big despair. However, some people see it differently. As you might know – after the death of Chanel’s mother, Gabrielle’s father sent her and her sisters to an orphanage near  the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Aubazine… and the dress was supposed to be some kind of tribute to those kind nuns, who have raised her for the great and powerful woman she became. That make sense, right?

Sadly, women were a little bit skeptical about the dress. Some even called it an uniform for telephone operators. But all of that has change once Audrey Hepburn rocked that Givenchy gown in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. She just sold it. I think that deep inside people loved that dress from the very beginning, but they were just scared of something a little bit different and new, so the encouragement with a face of Audrey Hepburn was exactly what they needed ;)

audrey hepburn lbd Now, every single poll about a quintessence of class, dressing chic or essentials in women closet ends with an affirmation: ‘One should own a little black dress. No excuses!’. And they are right, right? ;) Why is the LBD so phenomenal? Let me quote the King – ‘One is never over- or under- dressed in a little black dress’ (Karl Lagerfeld). And who am I to disagree?! ;)

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  1. Amanda

    Love this post! I especially liked hearing the history behind the LBD. But how can you wear an LBD and not look “over-dressed”? I need that tip in my life! ;) Thanks for sharing. :)

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