once upon a time: moncler duvet jacket

Since it’s Winter already and I’m doing nothing but laying in bed, being stuffed-up and drinking hot chocolate all day long – the idea of writing a post about a duvet jacket came to mind and I’ve thought that it would be a bang on! …you’re welcome ;)

annie leibovitz for moncler

Monestier de Clermont is a village in southeastern France. It’s a beautiful place in Alps where people are slowly living their lives and enjoying every second of it. Once upon a time René Ramillon was one of them.
René is a really talented and smart guy. He patented a lot of inventions and even produced metal climbing equipment for the french army to use during World War II. After that he finally opened his company in 1952 and called it Moncler.
People fell in love with that brand. Especially with those amazing quilted sleeping bags and practical folding tents. Yeah, that company was a huge success and René wasn’t prepared that 2 years later something even greater will be happening.
Yup. The duvet jacket! And Ramillon wasn’t even an inventor for that matter. The originator was George Ingle Finch. He wore it while trying to reach Mount Everest in 1922… but that jacket was so ugly that nobody even cared to notice it… but the Moncler duvet jacket? It was high fashion! Even though it was produced just to keep Ramillon’s employees warm while working! That’s right. They weren’t for sale. But then Lionel Tray happened. Yeah, that famous french mountaineer. He’s noticed Ramillon’s employees great outfits and he just asked René to design a small capsule collection just for him.
…and that’s how it all started :)

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