If you’re following me on instagram – you already know, that I’ve spent this past week on holidays in Portugal. But you probably don’t know one thing – these were UNREQUESTED and UNWANTED holidays that my manager sent me on because I had too much of it left from last year. I was like ‘what would I do in the middle of winter in Ireland??? Like – lay in bed and eat Ben & Jerry’s till I’ll puke?’… but then the little wanderer in me took a lead and I booked flights to Lisbon. That was the best decision, that I could’ve ever made!
These photos were actually taken in Sintra. The magical, little city just few minutes away from Lisbon. We spent there 2 days and still didn’t see everything the city has to offer. I think I’m going to go back there at some point, though.

(zara blazer and jeans, nike sneakers, aldo sunglasses and thrift shop top)

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  1. Han

    No teraz widze ze zakiecik :) supcio print i piekne focie. Tyle slonca w nich…tesknie za latem, chyba tez musze poleciec na urlop😂

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