Why are we, people, so used to abandon things? Why we just don’t care? Well, at least not enough… Some people pointed fingers at me for carrying too much. They’ve said it’s pathetic and completely unnecessary. If everybody would act like you, Mr. I-dont-give-a-fuck, then I’m sure as hell – our lives would look exactly like this building. Shabby, dusty and completely forgotten…

a b c d e f g h h2 i k l

(jacket from second-hand store, five jeans, zara lace top, deezee nude shoes and pieces choker necklace)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    stara dobra czerń :) uwielbiam koronkę. <3
    czasem jednak przydałoby się, żeby ktoś nie dawał faków zamiast się przywiązywać jak pies do starej budy…

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