boho glam

I think I might be bipolar or something… at least when it comes to fashion.
It’s like I can’t make up my mind while styling anymore. One day I’m minimal addict with a sporty attitude, the next day I’m some sort of boho queen Rachel Zoe wannabe. Maybe the middle life crisis came early for me… or I’m just a regular girl with her mood swings right on ;)

(whitney eve top, house accordion skirt, reserved sunglasses and vintage jacket from a thrift shop)

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  1. Han

    Haha ja to tez raz mam ochote byc ksiezna dresiarzy a potem wygladac jak striptizerka wiec albo to normalne albo obiecalam jestesmy porabane xD

  2. Gwen

    You look very stylish! I experience the same things! One day a rocker style , later prepped out!

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