cat eye in oversize

It’s been a rough week for me… but I think, that we kinda need ‘rough’ from time to time, right? I know – I do. Weeks like this make me appreciate what I have even more. And maybe it’ll sound ridiculous, but a rough day makes a happier tomorrow. Yeah… And a cold, sad winter makes my spring full of joy and I feel like will treat my house as if it was a hostel or something from now on. I just won’t be coming back unless I feel completely tired and in need of sleep.

Ok, so hello World! I’ve been missing you like crazy! My torpidity has come to an end. Show me what you got! Let the adventure begin!

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(coat from second-hand store, five jeans, sheinside choker necklace and sequin boots)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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