colors awaited

I had this habit of buying black clothes… even though I liked colorful outfits better. ‘All black everything’ was kinda my mantra over the past decade, or so. I was afraid that by buying different styles, patterns, prints or colors – I would have nothing to wear in the end, because nothing will ever be a good combo at all. And look at me now! My bad habit stopped when I’ve started buying my clothes in second-hand stores. There’s no luxury of getting clothes in a few color options. I had to buy everything quickly and I couldn’t over analyse it. So there’s sort of ‘love at first sight’ kind of situation going on while shopping. And you have to act fast! Because there’s a lot of angry women out there, ready to fight for the loved ones ;)

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(colorful shirt and vintage jacket from second-hand store, five jeans, deezee boots and pieces choker necklace)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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