You might know this place from my previous posts… it’s not an actual den, of course. Although, it surely looks like one. Ever wondered how I’ve found this shithole? Well, it’s my university…
Funny, right? No, not really.
Just so you know – academic education in Poland is free. So… it justifies a lot, I guess ;)
Not that I’m complaining! At least I have this interesting place to shoot some photos in! And it’s not that every Uni looks like that in Poland. I just like being a little bit dramatic sometimes ;)

(top secret bomber jacket, marks & spencer top, zara pants, deezee boots and bracelet by dziubeka)
photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    Wow faktycznie niezła dziura xD
    PS lubie cie w takim wyraznym makeupie!

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