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Zapewne już słyszeliście slogan ‘We wszystkim tkwi piękno, lecz nie każdy potrafi je dostrzec’, zgadza się? Tak było w moim przypadku z tym parkingiem. Na początku sceptycznie podchodziłam do tej sesji, a zobaczcie jaki jest rezultat! :)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9(zara skirt, deezee shoes, reserved bracelets, brylove sunglasses, lorus watch and top from second-hand shop)

photos by skillet

I guess you’ve probably heard the slogan ‘everything has beauty but not everyone can see it’, right? Well, that photoshoot was taken at a parking lot and look what we’ve accomplished here with my photographer! Amazing, huh? All I ever wanted for my blog was to make it about a little more than fashion. I’m just doing my best for you to enjoy the journey with me :)

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