fix your face and smile, gal!

It’s just my face, I swear! I’m a really nice person inside…like deep inside. But still! :D Well, maybe my face is just the way it is or maybe it shows the feelings that I feel recently. Feelings like ‘ok, Winter – everybody saw you, liked you for like 5 minutes or something and now, please, let’s get it over with and let’s go back to those warm days and flowering trees.’.
Yup, I can’t really tell if there is one single post on my blog that doesn’t say about my feelings to this season. But they are so strong! Thank you for being so understanding! I think I’m gonna break my piggy bank soon and say ‘hello’ to some palm trees. Yeah. So you wouldn’t have to listen to all of that shhh… anymore ;)

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(pants and jacket from second-hand shop, h&m ring and sequin wellington boots)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    Ty zostaw piggy bank!!! :D to na klaptopa :D
    fajne kolorki. kurtka spoko :) zazdroszczę ludziom którzy dobrze wyglądają w luźniejszych rzeczach. ja przez cycki i niski wzrost wyglądam jak buka :<

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