flowers and belts

I think Autumn came early this year… at least for me it did. I’ll spend this season in the best possible country in Europe and I guess part of me is so excited that it shows in my outfits lately.
It’s strange, because I’m a ‘summer vibes’ kinda gal and now I’m excited for Autumn all of a sudden and can’t wait for pumpkin spice lattes shared via skype with my bff. What the hell got into me, guys? Also, can you guess where am I moving to? xx

PS: More clues on my snapchat and insta stories @stylenightcap

(boohoo romper, reserved sunglasses, deezee boots and shirt from a thrift shop)

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  1. Han

    Ale talia!!!! Bomba!!! Uwielbiam kwiatki. To zdecydowanie moj ulubiony print :) super zestawienie

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