getting sentimental

I’m the worst if it comes to going down the memory part. Yup, I can go from a happy place to that totally weird, scary and lonely one in just 5 sec. No kidding. Talking with an old friend of mine pulled that trigger for me today… and then I’ve thought that it’s a good idea for me to listen to some of my beloved The Kooks songs. Guess what happened? No, gladly I wasn’t crying. But my heart just felt like it’s preparing for a bungee jumping or something.
And don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I have a bipolar disorder and I’m getting sad out of the blue. That feeling is quite a good thing, actually. It reminds me how my life looked like back in the day when I was in a really crappy place. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad :)

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(jacket, top and pants from second-hand shop and sequin sneakers)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

A winter outfit all in shades of brown just couldn’t go wrong. I like that combo especially when there’s snow outside. But hopefully it won’t take long for it to melt and for flowers to bloom. I have enough of that weather already! Gosh… (Yup, it’s me nagging about Winter again. Deal with it!)

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