glam on a daily basis

Polished up looks are a must for me. Even when I’m all casual and laid back – I need to show my love for the ‘good stuff’. And by ‘good’ I mean glamour, statement and a little bit different. In other words – everything that makes me who I am. Can’t help it. Sneakers and big glamour earrings, for example, aren’t even that big of a deal if you know me. I think it’s time to finally move forward and mix some pretty weird clothes, just because I’m getting bored like really fast. Any ideas? Challenges?

cool sunglasses ootd photoshoot black top with open back blue shorts iga parker ootd with blue nike blue nike shoes short sleeve top with open back cool sunglaases and earrings big statement earrings simple ootd top with open back cool earrings statement earrings

(shorts and top from second-hand shop, pieces earrings, brylove sunglasses and nike shoes)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    Wow! Ten tyleczek onomnom :DD spodenki super. Tak mi się podoba to zestawienie!!

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