Hi, there! Ahh, it feels really good to be back.
You might be wondering what the hell happened to me, well… long story short I moved to Ireland and I’ve invested my energy and free time in the things that I probably shouldn’t, but now I came back to Poland and… back to my old habits! Which is blogging and… eating more than anyone in this World really needs, maybe except for bears that are preparing for hibernation, but, hey, I’ve missed polish cuisine too damn much! Sooo, you know, just don’t judge me, ok? ;)

Photos that you can see in this post weren’t even supposed to end up on a blog. I just went out with Peter to test out my new camera and lenses and I defo wasn’t expecting THIS! So, that’s the story about how Peter got a promotion from being a simple tripod to becoming professional fashion photographer. Haha!

(Zara total look and Timberland shoes)

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