houndstooth check vintage jacket

My safe place. I think I can call it that…
Red brick and a wonderful view.
Silence and space.
A little bit of fresh air and a coffee scent.

When you live in the big busy city you just need to be left alone sometimes. And it ain’t easy when the streets are crowded, hucksters keep on knocking on your door and neighbors are nosy (or they’re just renovating their apartments 10 days straight!). Where do you go on a day like this? Have you found your safe place already?
I’ve found mine at a shopping mall actually. Quite an irony. Seeking a shelter in a place like this. But just an hour before an opening it feels like the safest place on earth.

(shirt and jacket from second-hand store, zara jeans and deezee boots)
photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

I’m wearing a second-hand shirt that I’ve bought lately just for a few dollars! I’ve styled it with a vintage jacket (also from second-hand store), some jeans from zara and I added black massive ankle boots just to give the certain vibe to this outfit. I don’t like my outfits turning out too girly, so adding a statement edgy piece like that is the easiest way to avoid that :)

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  1. karolina

    mieszkam w centrum starówki, na przeciwko popularnego klubu, więc conocne imprezy nie są mi obce… na szczęście mam blisko bulwar i dużo zieleni, więc wystarczy pójść na dłuższy spacer, by się trochę wyciszyć.
    Przepiękny żakiet. Lata 80. to będzie mocny trend :)

  2. Milena

    I love houndstooth print and such jackets. Polka dot shirt makes the look so complete. Love it!

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