how to rock men’s tweed jacket

In this time and place I think that every piece of clothing is right for every gender (well, at least almost every piece). We can wear absolutely anything we want and all that constricts us from doing it  is our courage and imagination. So why even bother wondering if something is made for girls or boys? Exactly! There’s no point in that! The feeling  of finding the perfect piece is irresistible. It’s almost like love – butterflies and all that shh… Yeah, at least for me it is!
I’ve found this jacket some time ago in a second-hand shop. It’s obviously a men’s piece, but for me it’s just a perfect oversize coat. Exactly what I love and need at the moment! To keep the look feminine I let my hair down, added a crystal bib necklace and put my favorite wedges on. That’s all. You should try it, too! :)

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(gray tweed jacket from second-hand shop, five jeans, deezee wedge boots, beauty lady bib necklace and new look bag)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    ow wow. jak Ty to robisz, potrafisz tak po prostu znaleźć coś, w czym wyglądasz zaj***ście!
    pasuje idealnie!
    zdolniacha <3

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