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Ok, guys! I’m getting so excited!!! This is probably my last photo shoot from Poland ;o I can’t believe that time flies so fast! It feels like just yesterday I started counting down to this very day. Damn… I still  got a few things to deal with in my mother country but I’m one leg in new home overseas ;x Ok, I’m not sharing too much. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m actually more excited to explore the unknown and to create new content for my blog than I am sad to leave. That’s kinda my thing… I don’t get used to places. Maybe it’s just who I am, or maybe I haven’t found my home yet. Who knows? Hopefully my next step will be a great one. I feel pretty much optimistic.

The weather though… it’s another story. It’s like Poland’s got mad af and it’s telling me ‘goodbye’ already! So I made my best to do the same, but in style ;) xx

(primark coat, zara jeans, asos cap, h&m choker and deezee boots)

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  1. Han

    Pogoda po prostu mowi “przyzwyczajaj sie do nowego kraju” 😂😂😂 super z ta czapka 💙

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