intriguing effortless

It’s been a while, but I’m back now! The last couple of weeks were crazy busy for me… and that’s why I appreciate simplicity now more than ever. 2 weddings, a trip, but still working full time and moving to my new apartment… that all and more in 10 days! Can you imagine? Because I can’t. I’m still quite shocked about how we’ve managed to do it all and don’t go crazy afterwards.
You don’t see me wearing minimal outfits very often, but I guess I need to change that. I’m sure you get why it’s ‘a thing’ for me right now after reading what I’ve had to ‘say’ today… That effortless is kinda intriguing and beautiful to me, though.

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(zara skirt, deezee shoes, brylove sunglasses and top from second-hand shop)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    Jak ty to przeżyłas słońce :D uwielbiam Twoje focie!!! :*

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