my casual

Believe me or not, but this is actually exactly what I call casual. One of the easiest and most comfortable outfits to wear. Good for an interview, date or for milking cows… well, maybe I went overboard with this one, but you get the idea ;)
I always go for the ‘wow’ factor when dressing smart and in this case these beautiful earrings make all the work. So sad that my ears are not responding well to costume jewelry… I’m gonna spend like a fortune on real gold earrings if my taste in jewelry won’t change in the near future… so I guess, I can say ‘bye’ to Bahamas, Rolls Royce and even to the freakin’ Ben & Jerry’s for that matter. Gonna cry. Like. Seriously. xx

(house top, river island shoes, h&m blazer and zara trousers, earrings and sunglasses)

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  1. Han

    Jedna z najlepszych stylizacji twojego bloga :) nie wiem co dokładnie mnie w niej tak urzeka, ale po prostu idealnie współgra ten zestaw z toba ♡

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