on the run

I’ve been on the run for such a long time, that I’ve just forgotten how it is to stand still. And the biggest irony of it all is that… I was always at the same spot. Like on a treadmill. You’re doing your best, you sweat like a pig, you can’t take a proper breath anymore and yet – you just don’t move forward.This has to change. Enough of this treading water.
To do that I might need to replace my beautiful velvet heels with something else. But first, just let me enjoy this moment for a little while.

(coat from second-hand store, h&m top, five boyfriend jeans and deezee velvet heels)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Taylor

    Iga, I love so much about this post! Your writing is so beautiful and poetic and these photos are fabulous. Can’t wait to read more! I also LOVE the style of your blog. So excited to be a frequent visitor.

    xo, Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

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