orange cropped sweater

The whole styling I’ve built around that amazing neon orange cropped sweater. I know maybe it’s not an ideal sweater for a winter outfit idea, but guess what?! Enough is enough. I just can’t take my winter-ish kinda state of mind anymore (surprise, surprise!). And what’s better way to deal with it than by wearing very cheerful colors in you looks, right? Ok, a cup (or ten) of hot chocolate won’t hurt neither, sooo I’m about to do that now and you all take care! Love!

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(h&m orange cropped sweater, five jeans, deezee ankle boots, wholesale statement necklace)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    miło się widzi czasem taką kolorową stylizację tu :)
    na tych zdjęciach taka uśmiechnięta, tak lubię najbardziej! :*

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