stripes on stripes

If you’ve read my latest article, you should know that stripes are one of the biggest fashion trends of this season. I’m actually quite happy about that, because I’ve managed to collect a few awesome pieces throughout the years and I can enjoy wearing them again!
‘Ok, but how to wear stripes?’ – you might wanna ask. Well, I am happy to answer – wear it all at once! Stripes on stripes! Mix bold with pinstriped, black and white with… I don’t know – red and blue. No holds barred! You are only limited by your own imagination :)

(top secret turtleneck, monnari bag, zara jeans and vintage jacket from thrift store)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Milena

    I love stripes! Wether in fashion or not, they’re always frequently (or even too frequently) worn by me 😊 So no surprise that I love that you wore stripes on stripes! Oh, and I love the jacket! ❤

  2. EMIRI

    It looks amazing together. Even if it’s monochrome, there is so much personality because of the stripes :)

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