Last Sunday I’ve spent wandering around the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. There was (and I’m not sure, but I think there still is) a Halloween exhibition which I really wanted to see and it was also a perfect opportunity to finally take some photos for the blog, because there was no time to do a proper photoshoot since I’ve moved to Dublin last month. Guys, you have no idea how much I’ve missed it! And how much I’ve missed you! So glad I’m back with this shhh again ;)

(top and cardigan from a thrift shop, zara jeans and nike snickers )

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  1. Han

    Jejejeee w koncu poscik :) i do tego jaki super. Braz i zgaszony niebieski to genialne polaczenie, a miejsce do foci i to jak wyszlas – miod malina <3 ciesze sie ze wreszcie jest na tyle spokojnie bys mogla dzialac :)

  2. Asia

    Finally! I’ve missed you too! :* Great stylist and atmosphere of the photos! :D ;)

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