that coat

I’m so glad I haven’t packed my winter coat yet! Seems like my forgetfulness is helpful… sometimes. Even though, I hope I won’t need this coat for a while – it is going to hang in my closet for a few more weeks… just in case. I don’t even mind, because I really like it… despite the fact, that it looks a little bit like a tent and my boyfriend thought I was same homeless guy when he saw me wearing it the other day… Yeah…

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(coat and bag from second-hand store, deezee wellies)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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  1. Han

    Jakie piękne ocza a pierwsza fota jak z ‘wogaaaaa’ <3
    haha ubierasz się jak bezdomny? to pierwsyz krok do bycia hipsterem!! strzeż się :D

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