that selfish one

Sometimes you just have to trust your guts. Make decisions that make you happy and also these which might be a little bit hard to accept by the others. Yes, I’m telling you to be selfish. Don’t be afraid to hurt somebody in the process. There’s no way that people will get hurt when you’ll take your happiness in your own hands. It doesn’t work like that. And if (by any chance) they will make you feel guilty about that big fat smile on your face – let them go. They just ain’t worth it.

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(vintage jacket and dress from second-hand shop, deezee ankle boots and shijie necklace)

photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

The whole look probably cost me less than $35. And yes, price of the boots is included (and is about 95% of total outfit price). That’s what I love about second-hand shops – NO GUILT! I have a closet full of amazing pieces and still some money left for rent and other irrelevant expenses ;)

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