why do we wear vests?

Have you ever wondered why do we wear vests? Because I have and I’m about to tell you what I found out! Just be patient.
Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, actually. Because the main reason I think is that vests are just cool and they polish up an outfit a little… just like accessories. If you’re cold – you wear jacket or a coat. Not a vest! If it’s raining outside – vest won’t come in handy either. So it looks like the only reason to wear vest is to make some sort of fashion statement, right?
This conclusion made me wonder about this topic a little bit more. I believed, that there had to be more than that. That a vest were made for a greater good. Do you know what I found out? That a vest was designed by a genius, who was sick and tired of watching all those naked butts flashing bright out of hiphuggers! *ding ding ding* 10 points for me for solving the riddle!
You’re welcome ;)

(sheinside vest, five jeans, deezee velvet shoes and top from second-hand store)
photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

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