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on my block

You can be sure to find some tv show reference in the title of a blog post on a days I feel the least inspired to write. It is indeed my ‘go to’ move ;)Sadly, you won’t see ‘my block’ in the background, but I kinda feel that way about this place… and I’m positive…
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somewhere there

I always feel like a tourist. Even in my hometown. I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s like I belong to more that one place and to none of them at the same time. And staying longer in the same spot makes me feel kind of anxious. Like I should ‘go back’ somewhere, without…
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summer disco

I really feel like partying this Summer… Although, those kind of activities doesn’t really work with my schedule lately. That’s when being good at the art of compromise comes in handy! I can’t (obviously) get drunk and act all crazy during nighttime, but… who’ve said that I can’t wear some party-related garments and dance while…
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marni platforms

I’ve got a confession to make. I can’t walk in those shoes. Yup, I just can’t. I mean, I was once wearing them at my Uni and I remember this day till now, because… it was kinda unforgettable ‘journey’. Some of you might remember them from some of my previous posts and you can feel…
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it keeps me warm

Best vest ever! I swear! It keeps me warm during these long, cold evenings. You don’t even wear it, it feels like it’s hanging and cuddling you :D I know, I probably sound insane, but whatever… (shirt and vest from second-hand shop, denimbox jeans, sequin wellies and aldo sunglasses) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

let them cheer you up

I’m trying to add some color to my life. Metaphorically speaking of course. But I guess it shows even in my closet. I just can help it! …not that I complain or something. Just sayin’ ;) Every girl needs a colorful, beautifully printed pair of jeans! Walking around with your head down they are the…
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jeans and sneakers

A pop of gold always helps when you decide to pull of that casual look in a glam way thing. You know that I’m always dressed up a little even if I don’t feel like it… it just kinda happens. What’s my secret? Going with the black and gold mix of course! It’s easy to…
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need for warmth | colorful outfit

Gosh, those are probably last warm days this year in Poland… and in the meantime Sydneysiders are preparing themselves for the summer that’s gonna be in Australia soon. Unfortunately, it’ll take me something like 2 or 3 years to move there… and that need for warmth just makes me wanna make some spider friendships already!…
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i’ve found myself

I can’t believe that I was ashamed of buying used clothing before. And it’s not that I wouldn’t rather buy something new… I’m just saying, that your style is not what you can afford. Your style is the idea in your mind that you have about yourself. That’s just what was happening to me. I’ve…
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