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glamour shirt

My fav kinda look is the one when I feel comfortable and glamour at the same time. I really love being all dressed up on a daily basis but a total glam up wouldn’t be very practical considering my day-to-day schedule. That’s why I won’t ever be able to say ‘goodbye’ to my beloved pair…
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chic stripes and my hair up

You barely see me with my hair up, although it’s my ultimate everyday look. I like myself better with my curls loose but I guess I’m to lazy for that. So when you see me like that on my blog – keep in mind that I probably slept like 4 hours that night and I’m…
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how to rock men’s tweed jacket

In this time and place I think that every piece of clothing is right for every gender (well, at least almost every piece). We can wear absolutely anything we want and all that constricts us from doing it  is our courage and imagination. So why even bother wondering if something is made for girls or boys? Exactly! There’s…
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