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show on the road

Usually ‘more’ is ‘more’ to me and there’s no other way I can see it. I’ve noticed that the catch slogan ‘less is more’ is repeated by lazy people with a lack of creativity… and I guess I’m turning into one… by simply understanding the phrase and getting the show on the road. You live and…
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it keeps me warm

Best vest ever! I swear! It keeps me warm during these long, cold evenings. You don’t even wear it, it feels like it’s hanging and cuddling you :D I know, I probably sound insane, but whatever… (shirt and vest from second-hand shop, denimbox jeans, sequin wellies and aldo sunglasses) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

black wellies

When you’re a kid your dream is to become a ballet dancer or an astronaut. You dream about being a star or whatever… and my dream was to have wellington boots. Yup! I was so jealous of kids running through all of those puddles. Don’t even ask me why… It just seemed to be so…
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