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High waist jeans are my favorite kind of jeans!You can show off these curves, plus… they keep you in check when you’re binge eating. I swear I lost few kilos since I’ve started wearing them to the parties :D (zara jeans, next top, parfois bag, bronx shoes and lecpecs sunglasses)

so casual

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when talking about casual style? Well, for me it’s definitely a pair of cool boyfriend jeans and some loose shirt. I hope we’re on the same page here, because that’s exactly what I wanted to show you on today’s post ;) Even though simple casual outfits aren’t…
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Is it just me or I look like a real badass in those photos?! Who would have thought that I’ve got that in me! Wow. I mean, I was there, but I didn’t expect the final effect to be… well… THAT! And how do you like me wearing those kind of outfits? Because I think…
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boyfriend jeans

This is the first time you see me wearing boyfrien jeans. Yup. I know I am a little bit too old to have ‘my firsts’ still, but oh well… ;) I’ve never wanted to wear boyfriend jeans, because I thought my curves would make them look awful on me, but you know what? I don’t…
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plaid jacket vol.2 – smaller version

Some of you might remember this jacket… and you can also remember that it was a little bit bigger last time I was wearing it. If you curious – click HERE to find out how it looked like before. Yeah… I’ve done some washing lately… And, yes, this jacket is made of wool. Don’t judge…
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black wellies

When you’re a kid your dream is to become a ballet dancer or an astronaut. You dream about being a star or whatever… and my dream was to have wellington boots. Yup! I was so jealous of kids running through all of those puddles. Don’t even ask me why… It just seemed to be so…
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