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getting sentimental

I’m the worst if it comes to going down the memory part. Yup, I can go from a happy place to that totally weird, scary and lonely one in just 5 sec. No kidding. Talking with an old friend of mine pulled that trigger for me today… and then I’ve thought that it’s a good…
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pull that b&w off

It’s been a while since I’ve been out with friends for a coffee or something. It’s sad. I literally hate this season. I’m getting fat and socially awkward. I’m mean and spotty. I’m whiny and always tired. So tired that my tired is tired! But well… I guess that I’m only human. (jacket from second-hand…
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after hours

I’ve never imagined how hard it is for a fashion blogger to find a place to shoot a ‘winter outfit idea’ post. I mean – unless you have a huge mansion, live in California or you just have a credit card with no limit on it, then you’re fine. Sadly, none of those things happened…
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it’s all about that lace

Wearing lace blouse (or anything for that matter) during winter isn’t really the most clever idea. Maybe it’s the reason why I was lying in bed sick this past week? Or maybe it’s because I’ve been eating tons of ice cream on a daily basis… or maybe (just maybe) it’s because I’ve been drinking champagne…
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best of 2014

It was one hell of a year. I’m so grateful for all of those amazing opportunities, for loving friends who’ve supported me and for my readers who always have been here for me. I feel so blessed. There’s nothing better in this World than loving what you do and being able to share that passion with…
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messy b&w outfit

I often look like I’ve just got out of bed, put some random clothes on and went out… and it’s usually because that’s exactly what had happened! Yeah, no biggie. Who has the energy to dress up every single day anyway? So when it’s that kind of day then just choose wisely – blacks and…
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color spark

These photos were supposed to be all calm and steady…but then I’ve decided that I need more color in my life. Yup. And the World refuses to give it to me this time of the year and Christmas presents ruined my budget, therefor I have no money for new clothes and stuff, so at least…
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ill at ease

Ok, so I’ve been wearing pants everyday since a month or so and I have to tell you, that I’m feeling a little bit ill at ease. I guess it’s just another (very important!) reason for me to move out of this country for good ;P I’m a girl who loves all kind of skirts…
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it keeps me warm

Best vest ever! I swear! It keeps me warm during these long, cold evenings. You don’t even wear it, it feels like it’s hanging and cuddling you :D I know, I probably sound insane, but whatever… (shirt and vest from second-hand shop, denimbox jeans, sequin wellies and aldo sunglasses) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski