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parlez-vous français?

I feel like these photos could have been taken as well in France, don’t you? I really get a serious french vibe from this… and that’s a great thing of course! ;) (zara pants, reserved hat, buffalo london shoes, top secret bag, aldo sunglasses)


High waist jeans are my favorite kind of jeans!You can show off these curves, plus… they keep you in check when you’re binge eating. I swear I lost few kilos since I’ve started wearing them to the parties :D (zara jeans, next top, parfois bag, bronx shoes and lecpecs sunglasses)

simple as that

Today I’m wearing my day-to-day look. I’m always trying to keep it casual, but at the end of the day I’m always accessorizing a bit, so it’s easy to see my love for glam with all of the bits and pieces. This belt, for example, is actually a bag handle and my necklace just went…
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leopard in vest

Feminine, chic looks balanced with casual pieces- well, that’s just a perfect combo. We all love to look pretty and feel comfortable, right?. Luckily for us, in this place and time – we can do both! Elegant dress and sneakers? Why not?! If you feel great, then you look great, right? How can you do this…
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