Tag: early spring outfit idea

warm tones

I can finally breathe. Do you know this feeling? When you’re trapped, but not exactly… There’s no way out. All you can do is just wait. And time is running so slowly when you’re watching the clock. But it’s over now! I’ve been waiting so long for Spring, my favorite season of all… and it’s finally…
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old and new

You should be aware by now, that I’m at my best, when I mix something new with a little bit of something old. It’s just my way to express myself properly. There’s no better way to be confident than to wear clothes that you feel the most comfortable in. And I don’t mean it in…
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coziness rescued

Gosh, I’m so glad that I’ve noticed this amazing black oversize sweater in a second-hand store near my house and I’ve rescued it! It was this close <showing you right now with my fingers> to be taken out off this World. I mean… I’m a hero – literally! It has a few holes in it and…
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