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top 10 instagram accounts that a street art lover should follow

You don’t have to be passionate about art at all to appreciateĀ a good piece of street art, right? It makes you smile/cry/think and it is proven that looking at beautiful things makesĀ people much more happy. And happy people are good people, right? And I’m sure as hell, that we need more of that! So since…
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top 10 instagram accounts that a city lover should follow

I know, I know – I always comment galleries that I’ve chosen for the rank to convince you guys to follow those amazing artists or just to explain why they are worth following, but this time it’s different. Why is that? Well, I’m speechless. I follow every single one instagram account of those in the…
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top 10 instagram accounts that a real fashionista should be following by now

I’m addicted to instagram… yup, no surprise, no big deal… I know. I just couldn’t let my obsession be some kind of ‘procrastination dumbass’, so I’ve decided to make a helpful post out of it (whoa! I’m so helpful and nice… what would you do without me?). Anyway, here’s a list of top 10 instagram…
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