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parlez-vous français?

I feel like these photos could have been taken as well in France, don’t you? I really get a serious french vibe from this… and that’s a great thing of course! ;) (zara pants, reserved hat, buffalo london shoes, top secret bag, aldo sunglasses)

confused soul

Hiding behind a cool pair of cat eye sunglasses is my favorite thing to do during this season. Well, actually during any season to be completely honest with you. I really like the anonymity I feel wearing them. I’m one of those ‘private people’. I can laugh and talk with friends all night long, but…
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glamour shirt

My fav kinda look is the one when I feel comfortable and glamour at the same time. I really love being all dressed up on a daily basis but a total glam up wouldn’t be very practical considering my day-to-day schedule. That’s why I won’t ever be able to say ‘goodbye’ to my beloved pair…
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grays and greens

I’m a huge fan of a gray and green combo. Whether it’s an interior design, nature or an outfit just like the one I’m wearing today. I’m in love with the way these colors complement one another. Making conflicting styles, prints or colors work together as a whole is the best part of my job….
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Gosh. Those white and blue stripes got me so dreamy. You know, that marine stuff and the upcoming Summer… Ahhh! I need a Sea in my life. Definitely. Actually I’m in the middle of planning a trip to Gdańsk next month, so I can promise you know – a little bit of fresh air will…
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I’ve finally found it! My beloved choker necklace is back! Gosh, it took me like 6 months to find it. I wish everything had some kind of finder app, or that we could call our stuff just like we do when our phone is ‘lost’. Wouldn’t it be so great? I’m so glad that my…
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that selfish one

Sometimes you just have to trust your guts. Make decisions that make you happy and also these which might be a little bit hard to accept by the others. Yes, I’m telling you to be selfish. Don’t be afraid to hurt somebody in the process. There’s no way that people will get hurt when you’ll take…
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orange cropped sweater

The whole styling I’ve built around that amazing neon orange cropped sweater. I know maybe it’s not an ideal sweater for a winter outfit idea, but guess what?! Enough is enough. I just can’t take my winter-ish kinda state of mind anymore (surprise, surprise!). And what’s better way to deal with it than by wearing…
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glam it up!

Nothing better than vintage clothing and a big statement choker necklace! I honesty feel like myself again. After laying for a couple of days in bed because of my sickness – there’s nothing more I needed to set myself up. A little dress up! ’cause that’s what I’m talking about! Believe it or not, but the…
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