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simply blue

It’s been a while since I’ve added something new, but I’m here again now, so you can finally stop crying ;P Although, the weather is a total crap – I’ve managed to shoot a few summer outfit ideas for you some time ago. You’re welcome ;) I’m actually not the type of girl to say…
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summer disco

I really feel like partying this Summer… Although, those kind of activities doesn’t really work with my schedule lately. That’s when being good at the art of compromise comes in handy! I can’t (obviously) get drunk and act all crazy during nighttime, but… who’ve said that I can’t wear some party-related garments and dance while…
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chic mint

3 years ago mint color was so popular that we weren’t even able to go to buy some bread at a shop nearby without bumping into a bunch of teenagers wearing it. Remember that? Yeah… I have to say that I kinda miss it :) There’s no better color for summertime! The ocean, my fav ice…
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Why are we, people, so used to abandon things? Why we just don’t care? Well, at least not enough… Some people pointed fingers at me for carrying too much. They’ve said it’s pathetic and completely unnecessary. If everybody would act like you, Mr. I-dont-give-a-fuck, then I’m sure as hell – our lives would look exactly…
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colors awaited

I had this habit of buying black clothes… even though I liked colorful outfits better. ‘All black everything’ was kinda my mantra over the past decade, or so. I was afraid that by buying different styles, patterns, prints or colors – I would have nothing to wear in the end, because nothing will ever be…
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nude shoes

In yesterday’s post you could see my new, perfect for this season, nude shoes. I’ve chosen the ones with a white sole. It’s been just a really great compromise for me. Why? Well, I really loved one shoe Spring/Summer 2014 trend, which was the white massive boots… and I’m not prepared (or willing) to let…
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new in : spring essentials

What screams ‘Spring’ better than floral prints, nude shoes and fruits, right? ;P So, basically, it’s a little bit of a show-off kinda post. Hope you don’t mind. I just really needed someone to share my finds with… and my boyfriend wasn’t the one ;) What do you think?