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high road

Taking high road is the easiest thing to do with the hardest way of doing it. You just have to let people be… in their own messed up way. (top and jacket from second-hand shop, zara skirt, brylove cat eye sunglasses and sequin shoes) photos by Piotr Pruszkowski

lazy day outfit

Sometimes I just don’t feel like dressing up. It’s the time when printed pants and some crazy sunglasses have to make the whole work. Being lazy is not a sin when it happens not that often, right? Unfortunately, autumn season favours that behavior… And what’s your lazy day kinda outfit? (top and jacket from second-hand…
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need for warmth | colorful outfit

Gosh, those are probably last warm days this year in Poland… and in the meantime Sydneysiders are preparing themselves for the summer that’s gonna be in Australia soon. Unfortunately, it’ll take me something like 2 or 3 years to move there… and that need for warmth just makes me wanna make some spider friendships already!…
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i’ve found myself

I can’t believe that I was ashamed of buying used clothing before. And it’s not that I wouldn’t rather buy something new… I’m just saying, that your style is not what you can afford. Your style is the idea in your mind that you have about yourself. That’s just what was happening to me. I’ve…
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 Some might say ‘it is just too matchy-matchy’, but I actually like it that way. More is more… and it’s all or nothing, babe! Why being restricted to one stripy piece of clothing when you can go all the way to the stripy paradise?! ;P (I definitely have to write a song about it… since…
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chic with a twist

I can’t do those girly/chic looks or whatever… I just can’t. Every single time when I decide to wear some kind of elegant outfit – I just can’t help but break it with some massive boots or something. That’s just my thing. Deal with that. (atmosphere jacquard skirt, deezee boots, brylove sunglasses, sheinside necklace and…
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go brown

Leafs decided to go brown… so did I. And no, when they’ll fall I will definitely not ;) It’s time to make a new friend out of that Miss called Autumn. I’m not afraid of you anymore! Just come and show me what you got! (aldo cat eye sunglasses, deezee boots, new look shorts, sheinside…
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casual rock’n’roll

I usually pull off that kind of rock’n’roll outfit when I’m in a hurry and I want to feel comfortable and glamour at the same time. I think that kind of stuff works for everyone. My blonde curls and porcelain skin tone make that look seem so effortless and light… just the way I want…
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never-ending summer

I can’t stand this cold weather lately. Feels like the end of summer… like autumn is just around the corner. And the weird part is that the colder it gets – the lighter my outfits are. Like I’m some kind of rebel fighting for summer to last forever. Duh! (h&m top, choies tropical print skirt,…
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