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that coat

I’m so glad I haven’t packed my winter coat yet! Seems like my forgetfulness is helpful… sometimes. Even though, I hope I won’t need this coat for a while – it is going to hang in my closet for a few more weeks… just in case. I don’t even mind, because I really like it……
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cat eye in oversize

It’s been a rough week for me… but I think, that we kinda need ‘rough’ from time to time, right? I know – I do. Weeks like this make me appreciate what I have even more. And maybe it’ll sound ridiculous, but a rough day makes a happier tomorrow. Yeah… And a cold, sad winter…
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how to rock men’s tweed jacket

In this time and place I think that every piece of clothing is right for every gender (well, at least almost every piece). We can wear absolutely anything we want and all that constricts us from doing it  is our courage and imagination. So why even bother wondering if something is made for girls or boys? Exactly! There’s…
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