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glam it up

I need to catch up a bit.I’ve been posting on instagram like crazy lately (@stylenightcap) and kept forgetting about the blog and freakin’ facebook! Very bad. I’ll try my best not to mess that up again, but to be sure you’re seeing everything maybe just follow me there #shamelesspromo ;) https://www.instagram.com/stylenightcap/

on my block

You can be sure to find some tv show reference in the title of a blog post on a days I feel the least inspired to write. It is indeed my ‘go to’ move ;)Sadly, you won’t see ‘my block’ in the background, but I kinda feel that way about this place… and I’m positive…
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somewhere there

I always feel like a tourist. Even in my hometown. I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s like I belong to more that one place and to none of them at the same time. And staying longer in the same spot makes me feel kind of anxious. Like I should ‘go back’ somewhere, without…
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